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UMT Radio artists

Having first started as a guest DJ at Silk Bar, Kao San Road, and eventually earning his residency, 4Star, is an artist with more than ten years of experience under his belt. Usually based on the beautiful island of Koh Tao, he continues to introduce exciting underground tunes for people to enjoy. Tune in to hear 4 Star on the third Saturday every month @ 20:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

A.N.A.T is a long-standing member of the underground music scene in Thailand. Having played country-wide at bars. clubs and festivals, he now heads up Pangea Bar in Koh Lanta.  

Currently, Aaron James resides in Hong Kong where he’s made a name for himself as a headlining regular and Resident at such hotspots as The Iron Fairies, Ophelia, Dragonfly, and Portico, to name a few.  Also, as the supporting act for a number of Industry notables including hotshot House producers Mat.Joe and Vanilla Ace; Rare Grooves icon Norman Jay; Studio 54 legend Nicky Siano; and Underground sensation, Gaby Endo. Tune in to hear Aaron James on the third Monday every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

From an exclusive suburb of Washington DC, to the streets of Baltimore, to the exotic island of Koh Phangan Aaron Suiss found his way to the stage, where he always belonged, spreading the love and joy through music. Now currently residing in Thailand, Suiss is connecting with people all over the world through lines and vocals that reach into your soul.

Abhi Meer As a touring DJ, radio host, music critic and producer of experimental electronics, Abhi Meer from Mumbai has his hands pretty full. When not found buried in a mountain of patch cables, he occupies himself by plumbing the depths of electronic music through his radio shows, writing and his angular, genreless DJ […]

In 2020 Chucheewa and her long time friend, almost sister, Takky, teamed up to form Acid Sister as a new b2b DJ partnership. As Acid Sister they have played across Bangkok and Phangan at many key venues and festivals.

Adesso Music is a new label from renowned House Producer Junior Jack and his friend and business partner Pat BDS. When Vito Lucente and Pat BDS first met to discuss a business venture together, Pat’s love of the House and Techno scene soon resonated with Vito’s history as a Producer of House classics under his various monikers (Junior Jack, Room 5, Mr Jack, Glory). Studio sessions were arranged and new music appeared. Needing a label to release the resulting music, they decided to set up their own. The Adesso Music label was born.

Say My Name “AIAM” Since 2019 DJ Club in Thailand. Let’s talk about to AIAM. He’s “nature, lively, and feeling”. He always brings the sound to the table with unmatched style, mixing with many various genres. Also gives listeners for a unique flavor of hybrid beats and rhythms. He has an uncanny ability to effort […]

A passion for deep house, minimal and deep tech genres, has allowed Akira to imagine and develop the content of her sets into melodic and deeply mixed grooves. Akira’s mixes are inspired by the elegance of the flamingo. She infuses the warm sounds and beauty of nature into her sets, which she has already performed throughout Korat and across Thailand.    

Alex Fischer is a member of DJ collective KOLOUR and has been Guest DJ at a wide range of top venues throughout Bangkok and Thailand. His style is deeply influenced by the 80’s urban sound culture and is an eclectic mix of melodic house & techno, groovy & progressive tech-house.

AMATA A focus on underground electronic music and talent with this fresh producer echoing all the way from Thailand. AMATA released his first ep. The Internet Ep. with Fqtrax records (NL) and goes straight into the underground electronic scene, with microhouse, minimal electronic techno.