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UMT Radio – The new Underground Music community based in Thailand

The UMT community has been around long enough to know how many good musicians and DJ’s there are Thailand. So we thought about creating a community online to cater to these very people. A community for Thai artists (or artists based in Thailand), clubs and all parties related to underground music, where they are supported digitally using technology to our benefit. While doing so, we join forces and maximise their exposure internationally by means of the Web. 

After some research, what better way than to create a platform to share music and thoughts – all Thailand based. UMT Radio was born and our vision – as a community – is now fueled by the dynamics of a 24/7 online radio. The end result being we all thrive with good underground music! (Underground Music Thailand) aims to provide opportunities to all artists spread around Thailand, locals and residents. We understand how hard it can be to have some exposure, especially in today’s world, where anyone can post/upload almost absolutely anything for a little bit of attention on social media. In other words, to receive exposure is easy, BUT to get the RIGHT exposure is the true challenge.

We want more people to discover the amazing talent that resides in Thailand by providing a platform that supports music showcasing. Various underground genres, different DJ’s and artists exposure is imperative for us.

“We are stronger together than we are alone.”

― Walter Payton

In short, our goal is to elevate the underground electronic music scene in Thailand and create exposure abroad. 

We are here to connect artists and create a music map of the Thai underground music scene. When anybody searches online for underground music in Thailand, they will find our community and get directions to where to go and listen to good music! We want people to hear and relate to music and connect directly with artists and events around Thailand. We want to keep the scene alive and thriving!

We believe that there is raw talent dispersed in small groups around the Land Of Smiles. Therefore, we want to, nay, NEED to empower them to same level of foreign artists abroad.

UMT Radio wants to create a level playing field for all DJs/Artists for music exposure.  We also want to unearth breakthrough tracks and raw demos. In addition, in the future, support new tracks and high quality music that is surely hidden in our country.

We want to unite artists, DJ’s, producers, performers, beat-makers, labels with the influencers within the underground music industry in Thailand. We believe that music comes first, and that it should be accessible and heard.

As well as their monthly shows, artists featured on our station will also get the opportunity to have their individual projects and events promoted to a wider Thai and international audience.

Together we can transform the Thai underground into the movement it deserves to be! 

Join us today. Send us a message and tell us more how would you like to collaborate.

No commercial sound. Strictly underground.

See you by the speakers…

#UndergroundMusic #Thailand



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