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Stan Kolev is at it again. Definitely ranked up there amongst our favourite Progressive House/Melodic Techno artists, Stan brings his signature sounds with Rejoice. When talking of signature sounds, think of haunting melodies with eerie violins that very much represent the subcontinent of India. Working with Outta Limits Recordings, this piece of art will keep you mesmerised. The sorcery that oozes through your ears will put you in a state of […]

today17 January 2023 6

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Savage, that is exactly the description of Mother Nature's mood. Yes, we are still cribbing about the weather (Have you seen the news?). How can we not? Many parts of the country are submerged in water. Including our favourite party areas such as Phuket and Bangkok. Going back to our track of choice though, Savage, is an art piece by two very talented and established artists, Amonita and Makebo. This […]

today22 October 2022 5

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We All Have Task To Do

It seems like we spoke too soon. Mother Nature is still wreaking havoc all over Thailand. Hopefully we are at the tail end of this wretched weather.  But at the end of the day, rain or shine, We All Have Task To Do. That task is to provide and share quality tracks with our readers and listeners. As it is said here in this track by Rudra SL. A rather […]

today18 October 2022 11

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At the UMT office today, Oriki is our choice. Before we can understand what an Oriki is, we need to understand the origins of this word. Oriki comes from the Yoruba culture. The Yoruba are one of the largest ethnic African ethnic groups just south of the Sahara Desert. As many as 20 percent of the Yoruba still practice the traditional religions and cultures of their ancestors. Hence, in Yoruba culture, […]

today13 October 2022 10

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What happens when five great minds come together? Oh yes, Five minds and a well-established label like Déepalma. Returning back to the question. What happens? You get this timeless piece, Asokere. Which then leads us to the next question. What is the definition of Asokere? To be honest, in our office, we are unsure, but a quick google search explains to us that it stands for enlightenment, dreams, and charisma. While […]

today6 October 2022 18


Ozone 22

Due out in two days on Traxsource! Ozone 22 is a Progressive House track produced by MK.Santo. It does a give a hint of a slight Indie Dance vibe to it. Whatever it is, we have had the pleasure of listening to the masterpiece pre-release. All of us at agree, it rings beautifully in our ears and definitely one for the collection. To sweeten the soul more, Q Narongwate's […]

today4 October 2022 26

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Poppa Bear

Poppa Bear is our choice for today. We are in the mood for some flowy and deep Progressive House. Niceshot delivers what we are looking for with this masterpiece. Niceshot, an Argentinian producer is quite specialised in Progressive and Melodic vibes. His EP Space Rangers shows perfectly what he is all about. To further strengthen that image, he releases this with Progressive House label Auditen Music. The right artist, with the […]

today13 September 2022 61

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We Are Together

It is rather overcast almost everywhere in Thailand today. The grey seems to keep us all in a lethargic state. But, it is only midweek and we need to keep chugging along till the weekend arrives. It seems Lupe Republic has just the right fix. Introducing a Deep and Progressive track, We Are Together, fits the bill quite well. Many talented producers seem to be coming from Argentina and Buenos […]

today7 September 2022 55

Artist Interview

Artist Interview – MINUS

Artist Interview - MINUS We meet MINUS, as part of our 'Kao Na' artist interview series. 9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping or progress. Kao Na or 9 forward. 1.) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal? Rice Noodles with Fish Curry Sauce 2.) Tell us more about you. Hi! I am MINUS. You can also call me Nutt. I am one of those people […]

today20 January 2022 33


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