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Soothing Progression

Written by on 23 May 2021

From where this writer sits, it is a rainy Sunday evening. One can only think of listening to some soothing yet energetic Progressive House in such a situation. No one does it better than the remix master and producer Johan aka EMPHI.

Coming from a family of musicians, Johan quickly set his journey in pursuit of music from a young age. As seen from many previous tracks, be it a remix of notable artists such as Oliver & Tom or his own, his music always provides a soothing and melodic, yet an ultra powerful sound.

Even though at a young age, Johan has an impressive ear, thus receiving support from greats such as Black Coffee, Armen Miran, Nick Warren and many more.  In this particular track, EMPHI also working with Balkan Connection, gives a little of his flavour to L.Georges’ “Euphoria”.