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UMT Select Artist

KyzerSan is a resident selector for UMT, LocoRoom (TH), deepcover (Asia) and is part of the Lunatic Events artist roster. He is also a founder member of, Underground Music Thailand and RE:FIX Festival. Tune in to KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Well known through-out Krabi and Koh Lanta, Vimal plays a wide range from soft as lounge to hard and heavy as Deep Tech. However, his speciality lies in deep, organic and emotional sounds, painting quite the picture during sunsets. His philosophy, "You don't have to always dance to enjoy the music." 

Born in Portugal, African by heart, Thai by nature. Receiving a ZX Spectrum 128k in 1990, was the spark for Marcos to embrace the technological side of life and start programming in Pascal and Basic 3+. Having always a special aptitude for anything that had a circuit imprinted on it, he pursuited to study basic electronics and computer technologies, having studied several language codes and coursed at Dubai with Nokia engineers for micro-electronics. A career on radio technologies would eventually arouse, having the hype of its career heading a response team in Nokia-Siemens Portugal.