The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show

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The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show

Up:beat started as a collaboration of artists wanting to create a scene for the music they love, in a city they love that didn’t have that type of music being played regularly anywhere. The city was Chiang Mai, Thailand. The music was Drum and Bass.

After a slow start, word gradually got around and people started noticing the music and the friendly vibe it created. Going from events with 6 people turning up, eventually, they would have packed venues at their monthly events. All in the space of a year.

The scene had been set but the beat must go on. The Up:beat team decided to do a series of multi-genre events in collaboration with Overstand Coffee shop which were all hugely successful. Up:beat had now firmly placed their roots and goals of setting the standard and creating the Drum and Bass scene in Chiang Mai.

This has been a journey of hard work, enthusiasm and dedication by a team of DJs and Bass Junkies. A team that wanted to offer alternative music events in a city that was lagging behind in the underground scene. The call-up to play an Up:beat takeover at North Thailand’s biggest music festival, Jai Thep was the recognition they deserved. It is a great credit to all the people and DJs that have helped to get to this point.

New year 2019 saw Up:beat residents Toxin & Hattronix invited to play at one of Chiang Mai’s most popular events; Synergy, which again shows the recognition of the hard work and dedication they put towards the underground music scene here in Chiang Mai.

Up:beat have also put on a series of highly popular events on the rooftop of Purple Monkey Backpackers, again collaborating with the creative talent from Overstand. These events have packed the venue with their custom-made high-quality sound system. The Up:beat monthly events are the ones that many people now look forward to in Chiang Mai.

The events kept on going until Covid put a stop to the momentum, with their series of popular “Elevation” events at Corner Bistro.

From its humble beginnings, Up:beat is now an established brand in the Chiang Mai underground music scene, waiting for when they can put on the next party.

Until then, on the UMT Up:beat radio show, they will deliver a series of mixes from the DJs who they have had the pleasure of working alongside in the last few years.

upbeat drum and bass
The mix for this month comes from ORAWAN and BRADLEY HART








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