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Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan
KyzerSan hosts a monthly showcase of mixes from Thailand and around the world. From the 7 hills of the Steel City (Sheffield, UK), to Koh Phangan in the Land of Smiles (Thailand).

Tune in to Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

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Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan presents:
Guest mixes from Boba + Robin Burrowes

Tune in to RISING TIDES w/KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]


Previous guests that have joined KyzerSan on are:

Nik Moss aka Groove Assassin
Fabio S
Andy Wadlow
Jason Slater
Bruce Montiero
Luke July
Neil Hinde (The Lisa Marie Experience)


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Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan Artist

KyzerSan is a resident selector for UMT, Sundays @ The COVE, Loco Room (TH), deepcover (Asia). He is also part of the Lunatic Events artist roster as well as being a founder member of Tune in to RISING TIDES w/KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]  

Nik Moss aka Groove Assassin is one of the World's most respected house music DJ's and Producers. Nik’s original productions and remix work have appeared on many stellar imprints. Including; DEFECTED RECORDS, MN2S RECORDS, HED KANDI, STEREO SUSHI, STRICTLY RHYTHM, MINISTRY OF SOUND, SOUL HEAVEN, QUANTIZE, JELLYBEAN SOUL, GROOVE ODYSSEY, KING STREET SOUNDS, TONY RECORDS, TRIBE, FOLIAGE, CODE RED amongst many other legendary house music imprints. KyzerSan_GUEST_Nik-Moss-aka-Groove-Assassin_v3b  

Fabio S is constantly working in the studio on new materials to refine his sound. He has releases on Toolroom’s sub-label Leaders of the new SchoolAmpispazi Recordings, 3-4-1 Cuts and BPM Recordings,  

Andy Wadlow is another DJ coming out of the ‘’Steel City’’, Sheffield. In the North of England. Andy became heavily influenced by the mid-’80s hip hop scene and then latterly the Detroit & Chicago House explosion. Born & raised in the “steel city”, it was difficult not to be influenced by the Warp Records bleep techno era. With a nod to the forefathers of […]

Jason Slater is the founder of the London based independent label OCD Records. The label was spawned out of the OCD club nights @ The Rhythm Factory in East London. Back in the early 2000s the night hosted the likes of Inland Knights, 2020 Vision, The Bays and Freerange Records. Jason has been producing and releasing […]

Bruce Monteiro hails from the sunny beaches of Goa. With 9 record labels under his belt and over two decades of performing in the electronic scene, he has made his mark locally and internationally. He is a well-established DJ from Goa. With residencies and guest spots in Goa, India and Kuwait over the years. Venues […]

Neil Yoshimura Hinde & Dean Marriott (The Lisa Marie Experience) The Lisa Marie Experience had big success in the late 90s with their productions and remixes. Achieving 5 top 10 national chart positions and many more making the top 40. Keep On Jumpin’ was probably their most famous production but they featured regularly in the […]

Robin Burrowes started DJing in late 80s at the time that Acid House transformed the world of dance music. He played in Glasgow 88-99, Fever at Fury Murry’s, Tin Pan Alley, The Choice, The Apartment and Rhapsody. Robin then played in Australia from late 91 to late 92, mostly in Sydney during the warehouse party […]

Boba is a DJ based in Manchester (UK). Tune in to hear Boba on the Rising Tides radio show w/ KyzerSan.