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Tune in to hear the Lunatic Events Sessions on:
The fourth Saturday every month @ 00:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Lunatic Events are all about underground music, their international roster is a fine selection of artists sharing a deep passion for electronic music & willing to bring that smile to people's faces.

Get ready for an uplifting musical journey filled with sweet melodies. From underground house to techno, every show will be hosted by one of their roster members. They will also treat you to some surprise guest shows from Phangan via Berlin to Ibiza. Get ready for some musical aromas!

Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!
Lunatic Event Radio Show, diving into the melody!

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Lunatic Events Sessions
Lunatic Events are a bookings and event management agency based between Ibiza/Europe and Koh Phangan/ Thailand.

Having a strong knowledge of both markets they bring you the best, carefully selected venues with international acts. Lunatic Events consist of booking agents specialising in underground music and venue programming. They aim to make your event stand out.

With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, they know what the dancefloor wants. Similarly, they also know what promoters as well as event organisers, also need. To guide them to succeed in events of any size. Regardless of your budget or experience, they will help you create high-quality events full of musical delights!

This month guest artist(s)
– Fourth Saturday of the  month @ 00:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]









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Lunatic Events Sessions Artist

Lunatic Events is a booking and event management agency based between Europe and Koh Phangan in Thailand. Lunatic Events is all about Underground Music, our International Roster is a fine selection of artists sharing a Deep Passion for Electronic Music & willing to bring that smile to people´s faces. Get ready for an Uplifting Musical Journey filled with Sweet Melodies. From Underground House to Techno, every show will be hosted by one of our Roster members, we will also treat you WITH some Surprise Guest Show from Phangan via Berlin to Ibiza. Get ready for some Musical Aromas! Fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! Lunatic Event Radio Show, Diving into the Melody!

Lunatic Events Artist Roster: DAVID DORAD  IS WELL KNOWN FOR HIS UNDERGROUND VIBES AND DEDICATION INTO MUSIC David is what we would call a charismatic thoroughbred DJ, far from being the business type. You won‘t find any Twitter messages or pictures of his cat online. He is so very Berlin: down-to-earth and versatile. When he plays a set, his wish is for everyone to enjoy themselves, regardless of whether they‘re Hippy, Yuppie or Punk. Be it techno, deep or funky; he won‘t submit to any musical dictate within a given scene and prefers to take on the long after hour shifts. These are most ideal for weaving a soft but vivid soundscape whose colours are characterised by the season, the setting of the crowd. His harmonious sets are packed with honest energy and don‘t shy away from knocking forth a sassy electronic version of the Berliner tongue. Sometimes a bit cheeky or brash, but always meaning well. He determines this diction by aptly intertwining well-tried classics with new, carefully chosen records, weaving away, until the bigger picture reveals itself to his listeners. It‘s as if his magic hand commands the art of splitting synapses and rejoining them as desired. That would put him ahead of most brain surgeons! David doesn‘t bask in the past or in the future; he‘s a man of the moment. And this moment he gladly lets drift.

Lunatic Events Artist Roster: Habitat The music from the 80’s was the main influence for Habitat, even as a child. The sound of Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jahre or Sade brought to his ears by his father stayed within him until today. Growing up between vinyl’s, instruments and sleeping on tour in a guitar case marked his vision of his future productions and DJ Sets.

Lunatic Events Artist Roster: Bee Lincoln Bee Lincoln has several faces in the underground scene and expresses his love for music as a passionate DJ, producer, label owner, event manager or writer. With a scientific approach and an artistic perspective, electronic music has become a mission in his life.

Lunatic Events Artist Roster: Josh Demello Josh Demello is no stranger to life behind the decks. Whether it be promoting parties, showing support for his local scene as a clubber or playing sets, Josh has proven himself to be a worthy player. Starting out with residencies at venues such as Mint Club, The Warehouse, Club Mission in Leeds and later the legendary club Sankeys in Manchester. Josh’s talents saw him become the youngest Ministry of Sound Resident at the age of 18 at the brands club in Egypt. Having played alongside some of the world’s biggest names, Demello has earned his stripes as a DJ playing at some of the most respected clubs on the party haven of Ibiza: Privilege, Amnesia and Sankeys and residencies at Savannah, Kanya and Cafe Del Mar.



From an exclusive suburb of Washington DC, to the streets of Baltimore, to the exotic island of Koh Phangan Aaron Suiss found his way to the stage, where he always belonged, spreading the love and joy through music. Now currently residing in Thailand, Suiss is connecting with people all over the world through lines and vocals that reach into your soul.

KyzerSan is a resident selector for UMT, Sundays @ The COVE, Loco Room (TH), deepcover (Asia). He is also part of the Lunatic Events artist roster as well as being a founder member of Tune in to RISING TIDES w/KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]  

Some talk about nights in Chicago, others claim that they’ve seen him in Berlin. Many speak about Madrid, many say that he’s been his club at the DJ table but we really don’t know. FreedomB has already gathered support from artists like Hot Since 82, Supernova, Hector Couto, Solardo, Flashmob after releases with labels like Knee deep in sound, Roush, Toolroom, Sola, elrow music or flashmob records.

Eleven Of July is the musical project of an eclectic DJ / live performer, music composer/producer and remixer from Rome, Italy. By favouring the vinyl’s warmth, Eleven Of July expresses his art through both dreamy and magnetically dark melodies. Performing already in different European countries and in front of big crowds of cities like Rome […]

Addicted to electronic music since the end of the 1990's, Jack Haze is grooving behind the decks with the aim of taking people on a musical journey. With a real passion of the crowd and his rich musical culture, he makes you dance to old and new sounds, from disco classics to the most underground house and techno. Settled in Bangkok since 2015, Jack is still spreading his vibes in underground places and is behind the Spray parties at Mustache. Jack Haze

EMPRO is a Berlin-based DJ and Producer – Techno – Betriebfeier, Rote Dichte, Bar25, Heinz. Empro grew up in Thuringia in East Germany during the late 80s. His interest in the variety of electronic music awakes in the mid-90s. Following the move to Berlin in 2000 and an intense journey through different styles of the […]

JOURDAN BORDES producer & DJ based between Asia & the USA. For the past fifteen years, Jourdan Bordes has travelled the world over as a DJ holding his first residency in Bristol England at the Rubik’s Cube, and Swansea Wales at the highly successful Monkey Bar. In 2006 he joined forces with Om Recordings along […]

Tune in to hear Justin Mills on the second Tuesday of every month @ 18:00hrs ICT (GMT +7)

Krp Project Vagnarelli Christophe aka Krp Project began to mix in 1993. He was influenced by artists like Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May. In 1999 he produced his first EP at Wally’ S Groove World in a house progressive style. His second EP at Kroquis music was remixed by Raoul (Swing people) in memory […]

Steffie Ditzel “I could have never imagined that something as personal as music would be able to make people feel the same energy that I feel. Music is my way of expression, my way of clearing my thoughts and my way of giving in to my emotions. The fact that something that personal can inspire […]

DARRAGH CASEY FIRSTS RELEASES CAME IN 2009 AND EVER SINCE DARRAGH HAS BEEN CRAFTING HIS MIX OF DETROIT-INSPIRED HOUSE AND TECHNO. It has been a long journey from the Irish countryside to the hedonistic Thai island of Koh Phangan but Darragh has kept one thing always the same – a no-compromise love for musical innovation […]