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today17 January 2023 6

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Stan Kolev is at it again. Definitely ranked up there amongst our favourite Progressive House/Melodic Techno artists, Stan brings his signature sounds with Rejoice. When talking of signature sounds, think of haunting melodies with eerie violins that very much represent the subcontinent of India.

Working with Outta Limits Recordings, this piece of art will keep you mesmerised. The sorcery that oozes through your ears will put you in a state of trance. Suited for any party, this writer feels it is best on the beach. Partly because this is where this is being written from (THANKFULLY). Also, a special shout out to the YouTube channel Progressive Empire for notifying us of this beauty of a track.

So, close those eyes, crank up the volume on your headphones or speakers, whatever your choice, and let Stan the Man take you off on a blissful journey.

Have a listen below.

Written by: Vimal Pawa

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