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Poppa Bear

today13 September 2022 61

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Poppa Bear is our choice for today. We are in the mood for some flowy and deep Progressive House. Niceshot delivers what we are looking for with this masterpiece.

Niceshot, an Argentinian producer is quite specialised in Progressive and Melodic vibes. His EP Space Rangers shows perfectly what he is all about. To further strengthen that image, he releases this with Progressive House label Auditen Music. The right artist, with the right label will no doubt give you a fantastic release such as this. There is absolutely no match for positive results coming from two elements working in harmony.

While both are fantastic tracks, our favourite out of this EP, however, is Poppa Bear. We have YouTube channel Progressive Perception 79 to thank for that. Progressive Perception 79 is fast becoming another favourite music channel of ours.

As we grow, and our search for good music widens, we will continue to recommend gems and channels such as these. It is fun to follow and discover new music. Now, enough reading. Let’s get into this track and let our brains melt with pleasure as this liquid gold oozes through your ears.

Have a listen right here.


Written by: Vimal Pawa

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