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What is the meaning of Perlina? It sure is not an English word that we use every day in our vocabulary. Perlina is actually an Italian word meaning glass beads. The reason behind the use of this word to describe this beautiful track is not known to us. But one thing is for sure, we love it. It has been a quiet couple of weeks here at the UMT office in terms of track sharing as we have all been out working on gigs and events (fingers crossed, Covid is over at last). While all these events may take us away from our desks, the fact remains we are still UMT.radio and our hearts still belong here. The show(s) must go on.

Today’s track is another piece of buttery cookie in our selection of masterpieces. Coming straight from one of our favourite channels, Release Promo, we share this Progressive, Organic, and even a little uplifting, track. It fits all the required criteria for a setting where we can lay back and watch the sky above us, regardless of time. Be it morning or sunset or even at night. Coming from up-and-coming artist The Cobb, you will understand, why he is definitely labeled as an up-and-comer, a quick one at that. To add some spice, we have Madraas adding his flavours to it to make it just that much more magical.

Taking our word for it does no justice. Best listened here:


Written by: Vimal Pawa

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