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Joint Jazz

From the UMT office today, we have been debating on what to listen to. Something we could all like and worthy of sharing. We all finally found one that we all could agree on. It suits the warm midweek vibes. Today, we present to you Simon Adams, an artist from Italy who is no stranger to the House music scene. Simon entered the world of House and tribal sounds about […]

today8 February 2023 7

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Get With You Tonight (Sgt Slick Extended Discotizer Mix)

Mark Henderson is at it again. The man generously shares with us a House anthem fit for the night to get your groove on. Here is his choice for our Funky Fridays. A track by the highly popular Mark Knight. Adding a little spice to that is the remix by Sgt Slick. Get out there, Get yourself in with the crowd, and let Mark (Henderson and Knight) take you away. […]

today3 February 2023 8

Deep House


If a human soul had a sound, this would be it. It's the beginning of the week. Minimalism is key. Hence our choice for today is something a little bit more minimalistic and deep. It helps us build ourselves through the week as we wait for the peak of that inevitable weekend. Inevitable it may be, but we all, of course crave it. Today, our choice is a cheeky one […]

today23 January 2023 7

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Stan Kolev is at it again. Definitely ranked up there amongst our favourite Progressive House/Melodic Techno artists, Stan brings his signature sounds with Rejoice. When talking of signature sounds, think of haunting melodies with eerie violins that very much represent the subcontinent of India. Working with Outta Limits Recordings, this piece of art will keep you mesmerised. The sorcery that oozes through your ears will put you in a state of […]

today17 January 2023 7

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Alright – Sugarstarr 7 Inch Remix

YES!!! Funky Friday with Mark Henderson is back! He hits the ground running with something from his pre-bought selection. Today, Mark gifts us with Kid Massive's Alright. But not the original, but a pre-release track setting waves on different channels and outlets, including YouTube and Traxsource. Adding to the spice of this club anthem is the Sugarstarr 7 Inch Remix. The perfect fit for a comeback, have a listen to […]

today13 January 2023 9



Our choice today is something on the softer side. Going with the Electronica and Downtempo vibe, we have Jacob Groening's Suingu (which means "Swing" in Japanese) on to soothe us during the sunset. To be honest, from where this writer sits (down South in Thailand), there isn't much of a sunset today. If anything, it is quite a dark and wet day (Mother Nature doesn't seem to want to give […]

today10 January 2023 13

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Underwater Serinades (Not Demure Dub Remix)

Underwater Serinades is one of The Cobb's latest. To add a little spice, we are listening to the Dub Remix by Not Demure. Even better, we are listening to this from Release Promo, one of our favourite Progressive House channels. This artpiece definitely touches the soul with the Organic and Progressive elements blending with each other. Of course, there is no surprise as we have The Cobb (AKA Andrei) and Not Demure […]

today4 January 2023 12

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Dejala Freak

Chicago Born Dj/Producer, Elias R is back with a two-track smash EP.  While both are absolute masterpieces, out of the two, our favourite is the one from Side A. Our choice features Dejala Freak, a pounding groove with just a touch of cheeky vocals that fit perfectly for a belter in a nightclub. Definitely one to add to your playlist if you intend to set the decks and the dancefloor […]

today27 December 2022 23

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Heard It All Before

As always, at some point, the entire UMT office is out. Signs of good times ahead as we are all working more gigs and events outside. Hence we do apologise for the delay in Mark Henderson's selection for Funky Fridays. Mark as always, has been kind enough to share another gem from his library (right on time as well, it is us who are one day late). Today's Funky Friday […]

today19 November 2022 19

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Disko Daze

Indeed a daze, this track is the very definition of a House Anthem. Jay Vegas as always does not disappoint. Jay has worked with many House labels in the past. Hot Stuff is one of them. If anything, it is relatively where his home is. Hot Stuff is an independent record label founded in 2013. It's home to established artists as well as up and coming new talent. Releasing genres […]

today13 November 2022 13


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