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Miraval Music – Mt. Olympus with Brand New EP

Written by on 18 May 2021

Introducing to you today, Miraval Music, or simply Miraval. Two brothers hailing from Mt. Olympus, Dimitris & Lazarus Kitsas make music connecting to the very place they grew up. This time around, we see them release their new EP with Armen Miran’s very own Hoomidaas Records.

We chose Father’s Portrait out of the three from this EP, purely for the strong emotions it portrays. This entire EP is quite powerful, to say the least. However, this particular track was made devoted to their dearly departed father. After knowing so and having a listen, you will understand and feel the power in this particular piece of artistry. Don’t take our word for it.

We suggest having a click and a listen below. This is a truly shining example of what Organic House should sound like.

Make sure you visit Miraval’s Music SoundCloud page for more of this exquisite music.