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Organic House and Downtempo, snared with electronica

Written by on 20 May 2021

Organic House and Downtempo genres are across UMT community, featured by various artists.

Though a year old, the message is strong with this one. We have heard many tracks with a message regarding our planet in the past. “Earth Awakening’ does just that with quite a dark sound. A fuse of Electronica, Organic House and Downtempo, “Earth Awakening” treats our ears with a rather large and powerful sound.

This track is a joint effort between Sander (FR) and Stephane Salerno. Sander tends to blend his sad and melancholic sounds in a rather large scale orchestral manner. With him and Stephane doing just that with a G Minor key, you can definitely sense the overall mood of the track. It is serious, it is sending a message, and it does it very well grabbing your attention with it’s rather angry sound.

Catch Sander (FR) & Stephane Salerno here working with Metanoia, in this masterpiece.