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Chiang Mai's shapeshifting turntablist remains in a flow state. He’s less concerned with playing music than he is using bass to transcend space and time. DJ Jeremy quilts cosmic environments that defy genre while connecting with crowds and maintaining his signature style of impeccable selection. Tune in to hear TerraCosmic w/ DJ Jeremy on the third Monday every month @ 18:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Playing a delicate balancing act between a variety of seemingly disparate genres and styles, Hxxk has become one of the most welcomed additions to Chiang Mai’s ever-vibrant and eclectic electronic music scene in recent years. Whether it’s Psychedelic Techno, Obscure Italo or Chill-out Downtempo, his sound usually oscillates between cold, glitchy & trippy to warm, chunky & funky.

Mista C's early DJ career progressed well playing at various Under 18's events all over London until he was old enough to enter a nightclub. He held residencies on some of Londons top Pirate Radio Stations in the early 2000's including Freeze FM, Trilogy FM, Rampage FM, Fire FM. From this Mista C started picking up bookings playing room 2 for some of the bigger promoters in the Drum and Bass scene. Mista C has held summer a residency at Es Paradis in Ibiza playing for Helter Skelter and Innovation and these days he can be found playing the DNB circuit in Thailand including The World Famous Full Moon Party.

Black Rain, based in Bangkok, began his musical journey when he established himself in Kyushu’s nightlife scene and played along with famous locals during his college years in Japan. As a DJ he formed the biggest clubbing event organized in Oita “Prototype – Japan.” Tune in to hear Black Rain on the third Sunday every month @ 20:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Remember to tune in for  DJ Goo | Beach Junglist on the second Monday every month @ 18:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Rui Tang shares a deep passion from downtempo ethnic tunes to indie dance, nu-disco, house, to dark minimal and her favourite of all is - techno. She describes her sound and says it's for the daydreamers and the free dancers, from a beloved princess to a ruling queen!