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Deep Tech

Tune in to hear Ron Jameson on the fourth Wednesday every month @ 18:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Kasat Ka (New Moon Group) Underground lady from Russia. Prefers Techno, Minimal Techno, Deep Tech

Pashu Svich was born and raised in Moscow in Russia. As a DJ he began his journey in 2006. Preferring such styles as deep tech minimal, downtempo, organic house, his sets take you on a new musical journey. Tune in to hear Pashu Svich on the New Moon Group show.

The musical style of Krit.Su is Electronica. Especially Deep House, Soulful House, Micro House, Minimal, Deep Tech, Progressive House, Techno. He can be found  DJing regularly in Bangkok. Tune in to hear Krit Su [Sunset Till Sunrise BKK] on the third Sunday every month @ 00:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Gunya Her style varies somewhere between Deep-tech, Deep-House and Techno with all its deep and dubby facets and stands out with a particular mixture of classic and modern tracks. She has a specific intuition for the right track on the dancefloor, where she manages to build a set in such a unique way that hooks the listener until the last tune. Tune in to hear Gunya on the third Monday every month @ 00:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Patimala is a key figure in the Thai underground scene. As the mastermind behind Cozy Thursday(s) and join the force with UNST, whatever time he has not had preparing for his gigs, is probably spent organizing a club night, or making a party happen somewhere. Tune in to hear Patimala on the third Saturday every month @ 16:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Roaming shyly on the outskirts of experimental electronic/dance scene, exploring the direct correlation at the burning intersection of music and human mindscape. Tearing apart all the existing rules, Footprints on Mars is a project to push the boundaries of music and anything else in between.

Takky is a raver and music lover at heart will full of vibrations and one of the family members with the forward-thinking MELA crew.

In 2020 Chucheewa and her long time friend, almost sister, Takky, teamed up to form Acid Sister as a new b2b DJ partnership. As Acid Sister they have played across Bangkok and Phangan at many key venues and festivals.

Catch Beycan Kemec on the USOP - Underground Sound Of Phuket on the first Thursday every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Kollen, a DJ and Sound Producer was born in Russia/Moscow, now based in Thailand/Koh Phangan. Kollen started his career in IDM in 2013. He prefers exclusively non-commercial deep and minimal house sound, bright drum sections, sometimes broken beats, deep and atmospheric pads, flying keys, and groovy rhythms, surrounded by fat bass, at the same time minimalistic sound.