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Originally from Bangkok, now hailing from the paradise beach town known as Krabi,  Vimal Pawa is an up and coming underground DJ and soon to be producer.

Well known through-out Krabi and Koh Lanta, Vimal plays a wide range from soft as lounge to hard and heavy as Deep Tech. However, his speciality lies in deep, organic and emotional sounds, painting quite the picture during sunsets. His philosophy, “You don’t have to always dance to enjoy the music.” rings true as his listeners are usually mesmerised by either dancing or just laying in the sun bobbing their heads along with big grins on their faces.

Having started in 2014, Vimal has been trying to push the underground music scene on mainland Krabi. Being that his town’s venues focus heavily on mainstream music, Vimal has worked hard to create a keen following of people that appreciate the music he presents. Vimal has done guest mixes for a few radio shows, including Loco Room (TH) and Trax Radio UK and most recently, Ibiza Radio One, not to mention, he is also one of the founding members of Underground Music Thailand.

With a growing reputation as DJ throughout Krabi and pioneering the underground scene on the mainland, Vimal is also regularly seen in Koh Lanta, where the underground scene seems to be flourishing.