Subtive has been appearing behind the decks on the Czech electronic scene since the early 2000s. He was first enchanted by the sounds of Industrial Techno, and even though his love for straight beats is still there, it was very quickly substituted by DnB, Neurofunk, Jump Up, and Liquidfunk in particular.

As time went on, he joined the infamous Submission Square Crew, which still delivers great events across the North-East of the Czech Republic to this day.

Subtive and his crew have thrown over 300 DnB events in the last 20 years. He was also behind the infamous multicultural festival called “Kuncice” which went on for over 10 years and where he held a role of a booking manager.

Due to his work ethics and passion for DnB, over the years, Subtive has managed to attract many high profile artists to a small town in North-East of Czech Republic, such as Crossfire, Maztek, Prolix, Counterstrike, Rido and Forbidden Society, All of this is history though, but his passion for DnB is as strong as ever and he still makes small events for DnB fanatics in his area.

His current sets are filled with Atmospheric, Deep and Liquid DnB but in most cases end up in a heavier style of broken pots and pans.

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