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The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show

The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show UP:BEAT HISTORY: Up:beat started as a collaboration of artists wanting to create a scene for the music they love, in a city they love that didn’t have that type of music being played regularly anywhere. The city was Chiang Mai, Thailand. The music was Drum and Bass. After a slow start, word gradually got around and people started noticing the music and the friendly […]

Stasuardo was born in St Petersburg: the Russian capital of rave. He was introduced to DnB at age 14 and since then has listened to broken rhythms at every opportunity. After living in Thailand for 6 months without any DnB events, he made the decision to start DJing and hosting his own events in Koh Samui, including the infamous boat parties on the Red Baron. After learning his DnB skill set for 2 years, Stasuardo is ready to introduce himself to a wider audience.

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