Rui Tang


Rui Tang, a little Sichuan gangster of Qiang ethnicity, grew up in the highlands of the Tibetan mountains before making her way to the islands of Thailand. Her fascinating roots have given her the luxury of enjoying a broad range of music.

Tibetan music, Mongolian folk music, and her own Qiang music were some of her birth inspirations until one day – she discovered the crazy world of techno, which soon became her comfy new home.

Rui Tang shares a deep passion from downtempo ethnic tunes to indie dance, nu-disco, house, to dark minimal and her favourite of all is – techno. She describes her sound and says it’s for the daydreamers and the free dancers, from a beloved princess to a ruling queen!

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DiscoDrum n BassHouse MusicIndie DanceMinimalNu DiscoTechno


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