N.O.R.D aka Waldo Von D’s roots are in the rave scene of the ’90s.

Originally inspired by the Techno and Electro from Detroit, the French DJ and Producer was later, in the early 2000s, completely seduced by the scene around Lyon and Grenoble (France) that was offering a then fresh crossover between Electro and Techno. Mixing New Wave, EBM and Italo-disco influences with a punchy and dark sound.

Artists who had gravitated around the Goodlife label (such as Kiko, Oxia and The Hacker) and others like DJ Hell or Thomas Schumacher constitute one of his main inspiration.

To keep up-to-date with a lot of established electronic genres, he has taken a close interest for avant-garde labels as L.I.E.S, Lobster Theremin, Opal Tapes or Creme Organization and also for the dark electronic new scene (EBM & Industrial revival) with labels such as Aufnahme+wiedergabe, Jealous God or Pinkman. These music genres are, with Electro-Techno style, mainly represented in the DJ Sets of his Waldo Von D project and also in the Hedone DJ crew, he founded in Grenoble (France).

In late 2017 he relocated to Chiang Mai and co-founded North Beat Records. To not blur his Waldo Von D project he started a new musical identity, as N.O.R.D, in order to play some other more accessible styles that he also loves like classic 4/4 Techno, Old-school rave anthems, Indie Dance, Deep House or quality Tech House.

His other musical projects focus on producing and develop his own digital label NORD Records. The first single “Rave To The Beat Feat. VenusLove” by N.O.R.D was released last December 2019 and is available on the label Bandcamp. A Various Artists LP and a solo EP are planned in the coming months.


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