Murphy Kin


Murphy Kin. Never satisfied with the curiosity of digging new things.

Originally from the movie industry, being a DJ and producing music is not just unlimited but also unbounded. Listening to Murphy Kin’s music is like watching a movie. It has ups and downs, doesn’t only build up the melodies between 125~128bpm, definitely is not comfortable 4/4 all the way, and will never take you to heaven at the very beginning.

He will show you around from slow, lead you from romantic rocks, classic old schools, flirtatious R&B, then get you into Disco, Indie, Rock, and even Dance. His music makes people feel like in the movie scene, reach climax with beats.

Born to be positive and energetic, Murphy Kin has a varied music taste and knows all sorts of music styles. Seize your emotions rhythmically by switching through different kinds of music styles, from Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, to Indie Rock and Jazz.

In live, you will find out Murphy Kin is a musician without any rules, any scripts.




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