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Mizuyo is a Japanese DJ from Yokohama City who grew up with world music and fell in love with black music culture and started DJing in 2000. Mizuyo’s DJ style is cross-genre, mixing hip hop to dance music, house and reggae to Latin. She just takes on quality music regardless of genre and attracts people with her flexibility, creativity and dynamism worldwide.

She has a magical way of blending killer dance tracks. Her sets are where the street corners of exotic Madagascar meet high-tech dance production! Disco to House, from Africa to the cosmic Universe!

As expected from a world-class DJ, she has her own twist on world-fusion. Some of these exotic tunes are only heard in the local street corners. Mizuyo has been based in Bangkok since 2010 and is pursuing her music career energetically. Her unique selection will make you feel positive and peaceful which makes her music makes as a reflection of her colourful personality. She’s a resident DJ at Havana Social (Latin) on Wednesdays, on Thursdays at The Emperor’s Secret (House) and on Sundays at Baan Rim Naam (Vinyl set)

Tune in to hear Mizuyo on the third Monday every month @ 20:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]