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Deep House

Round The Whirl hosted by Medivm

Round the Whirl is hosted by Medivm (aka Bytz, Blysk, Vzaem, Tricyclic). He has been producing all flavours of electronic music and audio experimentation for nearly two decades. Each month will see new guests join Medivm. Tune in for Round The Whirl hosted by Medivm on the first Saturday every month @ 00:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]

Hiding somewhere beneath the shadows and neon lights of Los Angeles is the elusive protagonist, Mesmé. Born in Persia, raised in Singapore, a lover of the gramophone, dusty books, rare art, and intricate musical machines, little else is known about our young heroine other than her vast collection of records and her affiliation with several high-profile underground organizations. Restless Nites and Into The Woods both call her one of their own, and rumour has it that she runs a secret collective known only by the code name, MISFIT. Sightings include a selection of the city’s record stores, libraries, and speakeasies, and she has reportedly been seen entering and leaving pitch-black warehouses late at night with a large, black leather suitcase.

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