Martian Child


One of Bangkok’s sought-after fashion photographers, Martian Child aka Jeeraw has long been passionate about music. In 2017, he started experimenting with rhythms and sounds, incorporating the inspirations he has gained from the Bangkok underground fashion scene that he is part of. It was not until 2018 that he realised, after much practice and self-discovery, it was time to share his “vibes” – ones that reflected the convergence of his own personality and his exposure to the fashion.

Well-versed in a wide selection of music in his repertoire, Martian Child will offer you, with his distinctive fashion sense, a glimpse of anything from House to something along the same line as what he has brought to Red Light Radio and The Bangkok underground club scene, such as BEAM, Saferoom, De Commune, and A Taste of Wonder at Wonderfruit Festival 2018 & 2019, Marhorasop Festival 2019, TEMPO BKK NYE 2019 ft. Mama Snake and most of the fashion show afterparties.

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