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Lunatic Events Sessions Lunatic Events are a bookings and event management agency based between Ibiza/Europe and Koh Phangan/ Thailand. Having a strong knowledge of both markets they bring you the best, carefully selected venues with international acts. Lunatic Events consist of booking agents specialising in underground music and venue programming. They aim to make your event stand out. With over 20 years of experience in the music industry, they know […]


Addicted to electronic music since the end of the 1990’s, Jack Haze is grooving behind records decks with the aim of bringing people to a musical journey.
With a real passion of the crowd and his rich musical culture, he makes you dance to old and new sound, from disco classics to the most underground house and techno.

1999: A very first residency at MixerBar (Paris) allowed him to share his feelings all around the French capitol, in famous venues such as Rex Club, Folie’s Pigalle, Bains Douches…
Since then Jack Haze has spun his eclectic mix in France, Spain, and especially in New York (USA) between 2005 and 2008 (Bed, Le Souk, Unknown People parties …)

In 2007, he released tracks on the legendary American label Communiqué records (Woody Mc Bride)
Settled in Bangkok since 2015, Jack is still spreading his vibes in main underground venues and he is now the artistic director or VHS Club.

Groovy, deep and melodic, a music dedicated to the underground, delivered with pure energy.

PARIS: Rex Club, Bains Douches, Folie’s Pigalle, Pin-up, l’Etoile, L’Ile Enchantée, Mixer Bar, Yono, Cercle Rouge, Lizard Lounge.

FRANCE: Festival WeAreTheFuture (08), Shooter (Avoriaz); Under (Grenoble); Patio (Montelimar); Casting (Annecy); Underground (Val d’Isére).

NEW YORK: B.E.D, le Souk, Sin Sin/Leopard Lounge, Climax, Sea, Club17, Moomia, Cotton, Table50.

BANGKOK/THAILAND: Mustache, Oskar bistro, Spectrum, Sing Sing Theatre, Glow, Beam, Sorry I’m gay, Safe Room, T Rex, Luna Lounge, Ambar Pool Party, Sunn Party (Live RCA), Red Zone (Black pagoda, Studio Lam), Dark Bar, Base Bar, Maggie Choo’s, Ocean.

SPAIN: lla (Granada).

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