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The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show

The Up:beat Drum & Bass Show UP:BEAT HISTORY: Up:beat started as a collaboration of artists wanting to create a scene for the music they love, in a city they love that didn’t have that type of music being played regularly anywhere. The city was Chiang Mai, Thailand. The music was Drum and Bass. After a slow start, word gradually got around and people started noticing the music and the friendly […]


How it all began….

Hattronix: Hailing from England, UK, Hattronix grew up in the midst of the hedonistic UK 90s rave scene. He’s been DJing for around 25 years and has mixed genres ranging from Acid House to Happy Hardcore to Gabber, and everything else in between but has really found his place mixing Drum and Bass and Jungle. One of the founders of Up:beat alongside Toxin, they established a partnership in business and music and seem to have this connection and energy when DJing alongside each other.

Toxin: Originally from the Czech Republic, where his passion for electronic music surfaced in the Noughties, slowly moving his way along the dance music spectrum, from Techno to Hardtek, until the day he discovered Drum and Bass. This genre filled with pace and energy has completely absorbed him. Toxin began DJing much later than the rest of Fragm3nts but has been sharpening his skills alongside these two legends. He’s also one of the founders of the Up:beat Productions, which has resurrected DnB in Northern Thailand.

SA: Originally from Brighton UK, SA started DJing at the age of 14 and quickly fell in love with Drum and Bass in the early 2000s. Living in Leeds for over 10 years and holding multiple DJ residencies throughout North of England, SA cemented himself into the scene by throwing club nights, raves, parties, boat parties and the notorious secret mansion parties all over the City. He has supported some of the biggest names in the scene, like Andy C, Goldie, Dillinja, Randall, Break, Calibre, Hazard, Spor and Dom and Roland, playing at nights like Jungle Jam, Overflow, Detonate, Centrals Beatz, Shogun Audio and Critical Sound. After relocating to Thailand in 2019, SA quickly established himself on the Chiang Mai DJ circuit, connecting with the Up:Beat crew through a shared passion for underground music.

Their combined energy and technical ability naturally lead them to merge their unique styles and blends, formulating one solid DJ entity: Fragm3nts. When these 3 madmen get behind the decks you can feel the energy and the passion they bring to the table. They naturally bring out the best in each other and have such a love for the music they play. If you’re yet to hear a Fragm3nts set then keep your eyes peeled for the next event, which is never too far away….

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