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Fabio S

fabio s

Balearic House

Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan

Rising Tides w/ KyzerSan. This month the guest mix is from WATTY https://umt.radio/members/watty/ Tune in to RISING TIDES w/KyzerSan on the second Thursday of every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7] Previous guests that have joined KyzerSan on UMT.radio are: Nik Moss aka Groove Assassin Fabio S Andy Wadlow Jason Slater Bruce Montiero Luke July Neil Hinde (The Lisa Marie Experience) Boba Robin Burrowes   - Facebook Page

Fabio S (Italy)

Fabio’s passion for electronic music started at the age of 12 when he started developing his turntable skills.

Starting as a lover of techno and trance in the late 90s, he slowly moved to more the sophisticated atmosphere of deep house. He has played gigs over the years in UK, Italy and Croatia. He also held residencies in many of London’s best hotspots.

Having released music on Toolroom’s sub-label Leaders of the new School along with his friend and studio partner Paul Barkworth, and many other labels, such as Ampispazi Recordings, 3-4-1 Cuts and BPM Recordings, Fabio is constantly working in the studio on new materials to refine his sound.

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