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DJ Jeremy.
Chiang Mai’s shapeshifting turntablist remains in a flow state. He’s less concerned with playing music than he is using bass to transcend space and time. DJ Jeremy quilts cosmic environments that defy genre while connecting with crowds and maintaining his signature style of impeccable selection.

Whether it is excavating funk and hip hop on college radio, rocking all vinyl sets in the Mission in San Francisco. Holding rooftop parties in Dhaka during military rule, or providing cuts, scratches, and beats for his improv hip hop band in Chiang Mai, Jeremy has kept underground music close to his heart. His style is ever-evolving and looking forward while simultaneously unearthing gems from the past.

Projects, Collaborations and Events:
Fly by Pants (founder), Pandemic FM, Sangdee, Puretek, Up:Beat, Triple Edge, Jai Thep, Overstand, Corner Bistro, Bangkok Island, Jungle Freedom, Silent Vibes, Synergy, Blissful Sundays, The Fridge, WUVT, POW!

Tune in to hear TerraCosmic w/ DJ Jeremy on the third Monday every month @ 18:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]