Dave Vega


Dave Vega

Dave has been a part of the European dance scene for almost 20 years now, on dance floors and behind the decks. After releases on labels like Bpitch Control, Serialism, Get Physical, Exone, and many others, he started a new project under the name OGNI together with Tobi Neumann and Saktu from Russia. The first release came out on the Spanish imprint Oblack Label as a vinyl-only EP, with a […]

Deep House

Groovy Tunes

Groovy Tunes are a collective of DJs, sound producers, and event makers based in Koh Phangan/ Thailand. They make parties for the people on this Island and beyond, every time they bring exclusive Groovy sounding style of Deep, Minimal, Micro, Tech House.

Dave Vega started DJing in the late ’90s in Karlsruhe in the south of Germany. It was here that Vega and friends organized illegal techno parties at secret outdoor locations, with sound systems so loud that people in other villages kilometres away could feel the bass. People would come from all over to party and would stay all day and all night. Inevitably these parties always led to fracases with the police…

After some years organising parties, Dave was bitten by the music bug and finally made the step from the dancefloor to the other side of the DJ booth. In 2000, he moved to Frankfurt and began work as a music journalist. Later he met people like Ata and Heiko MSO who offered him work at their revered label empire, comprising Playhouse, Klang Elektronik and Ongaku. A residency in the famous Robert Johnson club soon followed, and Dave started to play all over the world. Over the years, he has played countless gigs in clubs like Berlin’s Panorama Bar/Berghain, Harry Klein and Rote Sonne in Munich, Rex Club in Paris, Nitza Club in Barcelona, Sugar Factory in Amsterdam, Space in Ibiza, and lately even a boat party in Honolulu, to list a few…

In 2007, Vega finally made the move to Berlin. Fueled by the energy of the city and a decade of DJing, he started producing his own music. After a few collaborations with friends like Mr Statik from Athens on Mo’s Ferry, Vega released his first EP in March 2011 on the Berlin-based label, Exone. His second EP was released on the Canadian label Thoughtless Music in May 2011, followed by another EP on Exone at the beginning of 2012. After that, he released various remixes on different labels. Vega’s roots have always been somewhere between House and Techno – that’s what he plays and still drives him after almost 15 years of electronic music experience.

He also worked on a double mix cd for the ministry of sound called SOUND OF BERLIN.


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