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USOP – Underground Sound Of Phuket hosted by Farangi

USOP - Underground Sound Of Phuket is your guide to the underground events/artists in Phuket Island. Focused on quality electronic music genres from Disco to Techno. The show hosts are FARANGI. An art respectful music project founded in Thailand by Beycan Kemec and Vadim Almazov. They are focused on the delivery of Underground music. Both as DJ’s and as Sound Producers. MixCloud USOP Instagram USOP Facebook USOP

“If you let the right people play music, music is a powerful weapon to hit the target.”

Beycan Kemec has a music experience of more than 17 years and aims to carry his music career to the
highest levels by improving himself continuously.

After his career until the year 2010 in Turkey, he went to Cyprus as his first overseas experience.
In 2011, he continued his performances in Russia and Egypt. In 2013 he decided to go to Thailand and successfully continued his career in Phuket.

His experience and knowledge of music have attracted the attention of quality nightlife businesses and
party organizers. He gained a great deal of professional experience in front of International audiences and famous

In 2019, in addition to his DJ career, he started to produce his own music and continues to work convey his feelings to all music lovers.

Performance Style: Vinyl or Digital Djing

Hear Beycan Kemec on the USOP – Underground Sound Of Phuket on the first Thursday every month @ 14:00hrs ICT [GMT +7]



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