Banana Bill


Banana Bill

Somewhere in the galaxy, in a timeless area, there is a land where there is a huge tree. This tree gives bananas that make you dance, groove …
Legend has it that Bill ate so much that the groove never left him.
One day as he was traveling with his groovy mind. He thought that sound was the answer. That’s when he decided to spread peace to the world with what he loves to do, music!

He begins performing in West of Australia, at a Bush Party and at the Blazing Swan Festival.
Sometimes invited in France to a national event called La Fête De La Musique, some private organizations and in clubs like Follow Me Toulouse and Berg Schnabel in Berlin.

Some radio shows on Freeform Infrabase in France, XBeat Underground Inside in Belgium, Ibiza Radio 1 and resident on

Half the time of the year in South East Asia, such as Cambodia at Jungle Bar, Kenny’s Korner, Banyan Tree and MetaHouse in Phnom Penh. Most of his time in Asia is in Thailand, in Koh Lanta at The Ozone Beach Bar, Korner Beach Bar, LightHouse Beach Club and some b2b with “Steffen Laschet”(Tiefdruckgebeat) at Pangea Beach Bar. Sometimes in Koh Phangan like at Infinity Beach Club as well.

From the night scene, techno & minimal beats are in the spotlight, rolling basslines and slamming bass drums hit the ground.
The groove becomes spicy with acidic, crispy and even psy sounds. This combo comes with a bit of darkness and gradual vibes, which dig deep and take you on a punchy journey.

From the daytime scene, the energy floats between house and techno beats. Mixing afro, deep, organic, melodic & progressive, percussions and ethnic vibrations create the atmosphere for an unknown journey.

As a bonus, the combination of its style of day and night offers you a dancy, warm and trippy tech-house …

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