Aneesh Medina


Aneesh Medina’s story is one of passion for music as a whole. It’s a tale of deep, dark driven melodic beats and rolling grooves that both encapsulates the mind and moves the feet. It was this love of music that in 2009 caused him to explore the artistic world of Disc Jockeying.

He has since graced DJ Booths in acclaimed venues in Bangkok like Sing Sing Theatre, Mustache Bar, Glow, WhiteLine, Violett and more as well as festivals like Kolour, Wonderfruit and Nature Please.


He currently resides in Bangkok and constantly keeps himself busy with various side projects including a very special partnership with a fellow DJ, with the aim of creating deep and moody techno sets that leave people in a state of bliss.

With an over 11-year career in DJing, Aneesh steers far away from mainstream trends but still manages to maintain a following across the city. He’s known for his long, progressive and melodic sets but doesn’t shy away from some techno should he see fit for the moment. He has opened for names like Nakadia, Amine K, Teenage Mutants, KIKO, Darin Epsilon and many more.

His secret? Making people lose themselves throughout the entirety of his set leaving people wanting more.
If you want to experience it in person, visit his monthly SEQUENCE event at Mustache Bar, Bangkok.

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