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celeste siam

Artist Interview

Artist Interview – Celeste Siam

Artist Interview - Celeste Siam Today, we meet Celeste Siam as part of 'Kao na' artist interview series. 9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping or progress. Kao Na or 9 forward. Here are 9 questions to help you get to know the Artists on a little better. 1) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal? So many dishes to choose from. If I had to absolutely choose one, it would […]

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Mark Henderson

Artist Interview

Artist Interview – Mark Henderson

Artist Interview - Mark Henderson Today we meet DJ Mark Henderson as part of our 'Kao na' Artist Interviews series. 9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping, progress. Kao na or 9 forward. So, here are 9 questions to help you get to know the Artists on a little better. 1) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal? Pad Pak Kanar Moo […]

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Gateway to Drum and Bass

Today, we meet DJ Trirat Homchantra AKA F1rstpers0n to discuss his gateway to drum and bass. A Communication Design Student based in the Big Mango (Bangkok, for you newcomers). Khun Trirat is a big music enthusiast, starting off with listening and eventually mixing. In the beginning, he made mixes for his rather hectic commutes in the big city. Opening a channel on YouTube in 2014 and a profile on Mixcloud, […]

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Electronic music

Techno Music – Laurent Garnier’s own view

Techno music changed my life in a different way. I first discovered Techno through the record ‘ Rhythim is Rhythim ’      - Derrick May An Intimate Voyage This is an utterly inspiring documentary reviewing the birth and rise of techno, a music genre we have all grown up loving. In this video, we are blessed with a perspective of a pioneer - the highly acclaimed French DJ Laurent Garnier. Back […]

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miraval music


Miraval Music – Mt. Olympus with Brand New EP

Introducing to you today, Miraval Music, or simply Miraval. Two brothers hailing from Mt. Olympus, Dimitris & Lazarus Kitsas make music connecting to the very place they grew up. This time around, we see them release their new EP with Armen Miran's very own Hoomidaas Records. We chose Father's Portrait out of the three from this EP, purely for the strong emotions it portrays. This entire EP is quite powerful, […]

today18 May 2021 9 and Ozone techno in Thailand


Underground Music Thailand at The Ozone Koh Lanta!

Underground Music Thailand broadcasts Koh Lanta movida Underground Music Thailand took the opportunity to join The Ozone this wonderful evening! Whoever thought that a party decided at the last hour would ever happen so infamously? Well, while in the middle of a less than happy time for all clubs around Thailand, that is exactly what happened 26th of March! The Ozone Beach Club - A proud underground beach venue The […]

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background Ableton image on UMT.Radio


How to generate random music in Ableton Live

Self Generating music in Ableton, only with bundled instruments, plugins and effects. A one minute example of music generated in Ableton with its built in midi effects. I’ve intentionally made it very random and glitchy in this example. There are ways to build effects racks that would allow for quick generation of melodic loops and chords with a more traditional musical structure.    In this example I’m gonna […]

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