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Artist Interview – Mac Rattana

Written by on 21 November 2021

Artist Interview – Mac Rattana

We meet Mac Rattana, as part of our ‘Kao Na’ artist interview series.

9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping or progress. Kao Na or 9 forward.

1.) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal?
Pad Kra Pao, Tom Yum, Tom Kha Kai, Som Tam and more.

2.) Tell us more about you.
I love exploring different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures. I am a big fan of sharing cultures, music, and love.

3.) How did you start DJing?
My family owned a club when I was young. I remember waiting till 3.00 AM watch the club close down every night. I normally waited inside the DJ booth and watched what the DJs were doing. Watching them is what inspired me. At the age of 14, I moved to Switzerland. That’s where I truly started exploring the sounds of Techno and fell in love with it.

4.) What genres do you play?
I play Minimal Dub Techno.

5.) Who or what are your music influences?
There are so many music labels out there today that inspire me. Many are from Russia, Romania, and many other European countries). Each place has its own unique touch.

6.) Favourite place to party in Thailand?
All the Koh’s (The islands).

7.) Are you making your own music?/ Do you have any tracks out?
I have so many unfinished projects. I need to stop being lazy and work on them.

8.) What is your all-time favourite track?
There are too many to choose from.

9.) Finally, what are your thoughts about the launch of UMT.Radio?
I believe UMT is a fantastic platform for all DJ’s all over Thailand to come together. Come together and share the same passion for music. It is a great alternative to hear records and also a great platform the underground scene in Thailand.

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Tune in to hear Mac Rattana on the third Friday of every month @ 14.00 ICT [GMT+7]