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Artist Interview – Hellblueboi

Written by on 5 November 2021

Artist Interview – Hellblueboi

We meet Hellblueboi, as part of our ‘Kao Na’ artist interview series.

9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping or progress. Kao Na or 9 forward.

1.) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal?
Northern raw beef spicy salad (larb dib)

2.) Tell us more about you.
I’m a psychedelic artist and part-time DJ.

3.) How did you start DJing?
I have an obsession with digging through music. I like to explore through many genres and various kinds of music. So, one day I decided I want to share my collection. I wanted to share my collection as a story and that’s how I started creating sets.

4.) What genres do you play?
Techno, Minimal Techno and Psy Trance

5.) Who or what are your music influences?
There are many people with creative thoughts who I really like. Most of them are Australian. They have an outstanding kind of sound. Also, I am a psychedelic artist. So, art is another big inspiration 

6.) Favourite place to party in Thailand?
Chiang Mai

7.) Are you making your own music? Do you have any tracks out? Or do you have other creative projects to share?
Yes, I have made some music and it is only on my Soundcloud.

8.) What is your all-time favourite track?
Depends on the era and genre.

9.) Finally, what are your thoughts about the launch of
It is a great opportunity for DJs to share their experiences with people who love music.

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