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Artist Interview – genelelle

today5 February 2022 44

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Artist Interview – genelelle

We meet genelelle, as part of our ‘Kao Na’ artist interview series.

9 is a lucky number in Thailand. 9 also means forward stepping or progress. Kao Na or 9 forward.

1.) First things first, what is your favourite Thai meal?
Papaya Salad

2.) Tell us more about you.
Hey, I am Annabelle. I like my Techno hard, dark and fast. In the beginning, I had discovered my love for Techno parties. However, eventually, I came to the point where I want to be an active part of the scene. I wanted to make a safe space where everybody could be themselves. I have been behind the decks since 2017. In that same year, my friends and I founded our own collective ‘Polyphon‘. Since then, we have been throwing our own parties where we share good music and help spread the good message. Also, since October 2020, I‘m based in Leipzig, where I‘m involved in different collectives and an active part of the feminist network fem*vak, supporting flinta* in the electronic music scene.

3.) How did you start DJing?
I never went out clubbing ‘just’ to get drunk or hook up with someone. I went dancing to let lose of all my fears and concerns, even if it was just for a night. When I discovered Techno music, I was overwhelmed by the world opening up to me. I felt like I have finally found myself – under the strobe light in front of a thumping sound system. My passion for this music led me to the point, where I wanted to start mixing myself. So, I bought my first controller and started practising.

In the beginning, I did it just for myself and did not really have the ambition to play in front of other people. Eventually, one friend asked me to play the closing set at one of his parties. What can I say? It felt amazing! Seeing people get lost in the music while I play is the greatest feeling in the world.

4.) What genres do you play?
Hard Techno

5.) Who or what are your music influences?
A big part of my influence comes from the Berlin Techno scene. The parties there have very special vibes. The music itself contributes a lot to that. Besides that, I discovered 90’s (hard) trance a while ago, and it kind of adds to my style as well.

6.) Favourite place to party in Thailand?

7.) Are you making your own music? / Do you have any tracks out?
I have just started to get into producing. However, I haven’t released anything yet. But this is definitely one of my main goals for the future.

8.) What is your all-time favourite track?
Oliver Lieb – Jesus Ist Da! (Main Mix)
Oliver Lieb – Jesus Ist Da! (Main Mix)

9.) Finally, what are your thoughts on the launch of UMT.Radio?
I’ve travelled a lot in SEA. As a foreigner who did not have a connection to the local scene, I found it really hard to find good music around. So I think is a great platform to make this scene more visible and connect it with people from all around the world.
I’m very happy to be part of this project!

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Tune in to hear Genelelle and Polyphon on the second Saturday of every month @00.00 ICT [GMT +7]

Written by: Vimal Pawa

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